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Advent I

DEATH The season of Advent has traditionally been a time for the Church to meditate upon matters eschatological. Eschatology is the branch of theology which concerns what happens to our souls when we pass from this life and into the next. There are 'four final things': death, judgement, heaven, and hell. The propers and readings for the four Sundays of Advent reflect these themes.  In pre-Pandemic times, Sarah and I used to wander around the English countryside clad in Barbour jackets and wandering into medieval churches in the middle of nowhere. Invariably, we would frequently come across cadaver tombs. These macabre memorials were extremely popular in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. As in the inset image, these tombs are typically double-decker. The top level contains an ornate effigy of the deceased noble/bishop/squire/knight (delete as applicable) wearing their full regalia. The lower level, however, is a different story: it contains a sculpture of a cadaver. This i