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A Change of Tone...

A Change of Tone... This coming weekend, we will be attempting to return to some degree of normality in our renowned musical program. A reduced number of Boy Choristers will sing for the Solemn Mass at 11am whilst a  schola-ette will sing in lieu of our Parish Choir at the 9.30am Mass. This blog will also undergo some changes--alongside my brief reflections on the theme and readings for the coming Sunday, I will also seek to provide you with details and 'program notes' for the music that will be sung at the 11am Mass.  --- 'Could anyone nourish anger against another and expect healing from the Lord?'  Sir.  27.30 - 28.7 This question is found in Sunday's first reading that is taken from the Wisdom of Sirach (also known as the Book of Ecclesiasticus). The Wisdom of Sirach is the longest of the seven wisdom books found in the bible and was written by a sage and scribe named Yeshua, the son of a man named Sirach. Like all examples of ancient near-eastern wisdom litera